Cheapest Way to Send Post

Postal rates have seen a few increases during the past several years. This has made many business owners concerned. In this digital world, there are still a lot of businesses that rely on sending mails. Aside from that, with online shopping gaining popularity, people are turning to the post office to send and receive goods. With the price increase, cash flows are affected and bottom lines suffer. But, there is a solution and that is the franking machine.

Franking machines are gaining popularity because of its many benefits. So if you are asking what the cheapest way to send post is, the answer is franking.

Franking is cheap because there is no need for Royal Mail to produce stamps. Producing stamps is expensive that is why they are motivating people to turn to franking by giving them discounts and other benefits.

When you are dealing with large quantities of letters and parcels daily, you need to get the best value for your money. Franking gives you that value. Franking is not just a matter of cheap prices. It is a smart move to save cash and increase productivity and efficiency.

Postal Prices

You can save 16p to 19p on first and second class letters. If you send at least 100 pieces of mail every day, just calculate the savings you get in a week…and then in a year! It all adds up and by the end of the month, you can see a major change in your cash flow. The more letters and parcels you send the more discounts you get and the more money you save. If you are asking if there is a minimum number of letters to earn the discount then our answer is no. Even if you send one first or second class letter, you will get a discount.

You can see a complete list of prices for both franked and stamped mails in Royal Mail’s website. You can even save further with bulk mails.

I only send 20 letters per day, is franking for me?

Absolutely! There are models built specifically for small businesses such as yours. You can start saving now while your business is still small so that you can have extra cash to invest in other areas of your business.

You can purchase a small volume franking machine for around £1,000. If you don’t have that kind of money to invest, you can rent one for just £14.99 per month.

Where to get one

There are many accredited suppliers of franking machines all throughout the UK. You can get a complete list in Royal Mail’s website. It is important that you get from an accredited supplier so that you can send valid mails and be eligible for discounts.

More benefits

Using a franking machine will save you a great deal of time. You can now process hundreds of mail quickly and easily. You will drastically reduce your man hours thereby reducing your overhead costs.

You no longer have to drive or commute to the post office. No more licking stamps, queuing and wasting time and energy preparing your letters. A franking machine will do the work for you. All you need to do is load it with the envelopes and wait for it to finish processing. Some models can even automatically load the letters so there is really very little human intervention.

While we are on that subject, the less operator involvement in the process, the less room for errors. Franking machines already come with the latest domestic rates from Royal Mail. There are also some international rates loaded for your convenience.

The machine will automatically weigh the items and compute the exact postage for each one. Now you don’t have to guess or consult a poster to process your mails. You will also avoid expensive charges for over stamping or under stamping.

You can also request supplies from Royal Mail for your mailing needs free of charge. They will even deliver the supplies to your office. You can request for trays, bags, etc. They can also pick up bulk mail. You can really do everything in the convenience of your office with a franking machine.

Acquiring a franking machine

Before you purchase, rent or lease a machine, be sure to know the specifics that you need. Do you need a small, mid or large volume machine? What is the capacity of the weighing scale that you require? What other features do you need? You can use some franking machines to print your company logo, images and customized messages. Your machine can even double as a marketing tool.

You should also do some proper research about the suppliers in your area. Again, choose an accredited supplier. If that is too much hard work for you, you can look for comparison websites where you simply fill up a form and submit. They will find the best suppliers in your area that can give you the most competitive rates. The process only takes about 2 minutes. This service is usually for free and the quotations that you receive are no-obligations. That means you don’t have to buy from any of them. If you do like something, you can contact the supplier on your own time to set up a meeting or discuss your requirements further.

End Notes

Do not be concerned about the costs of a franking machine. You can talk to your accountant about tax reductions when you acquire a franking machine through buying, renting or leasing. In general, leasing is the best way to go in terms of tax benefits.

The many benefits of a franking machine surely outweigh its cost. You can speed up your delivery, improve your mailing room and make your customers happy. You will definitely see an improvement in your bottom line and in all areas of your business in no time.

Time and money are both important in any business, big or small. A franking machine will give them both to you.

Advantages of Using Franking Machines

Businesses always consider ways to simplify specific tasks. This approach not only saves money but improves the efficiency of employees. Owning then a franking machine for any business remains to be a suitable approach to improve how a mailroom system operates. It can also minimize the effort and time spent going to the postal office. Recognizing the function of franking machines, here are some particular advantages the device offers.

1. Convenience of time – one potential advantage of having a franking machine is the business ability to minimize the hassles of going to the post office. It remains to be a convenient option for companies because it limits the tasks of going back and forth to the post office to deliver postage or mail. By using the features of a franking machine, postages are easier to get and remains to be readily available for people anytime they want. Having this kind of feature creates convenience because of its ability to process multiple letters and also lessen the effort given to this task.

2. Potential Savings – businesses that use franking machines also create the potential to increase its savings of postage costs. Specifically, Royal Mail offer incentives to businesses that use franking machines through discounts. This means franked items are cheaper compared to the regular processing of stamped mail. From the vantage point of businesses, this remains to be beneficial because it reduces operational expenses especially to companies that cater to bulk or large volumes of mail.

3. Increase efficiency – an important aspect that businesses need to know about mails is that there are specific requirements related to stamping. Mails follow a particular value determined by its weight and the scale that it belongs to. Owning franking machines allows businesses to identify the right postage value of stamps and prevent problems related to over or under stamping. Since it would be the machine that decides on the right stamp value, it increases efficiency and reduces the additional costs that can be incurred due to mistakes.

4. Advertise and develop a professional image –another good thing about owning franking machines is that businesses are able to create ways to advertise their products and services to consumers. This is because franking machines allow any business to customize their postage and place their business logos. This helps develop professional image because the parcel remains to be uniform and the same for each client. Likewise, it also becomes suitable for advertising because company logos are present. Having this type of customization feature can provide businesses with ways to attract new customers and market.

5. Better monitoring for reports and taxation – franking machines also feature ways for companies or businesses to monitor how much is spent on postage fees and cost. Since this particular device is automated, companies can choose how they can access reports and related information concerning costs. This can help provide the necessary figures for filing accurate tax returns and fulfill other business obligations. In addition, if businesses continue to use postage in different departments, franking machines also have certain features of customization that increases the potential for better monitoring and reporting.

6. Availability of support – the last potential advantage of franking machines to businesses is the availability of assistance coming from machine suppliers. Apart from minimizing the effort of going to post offices, franking machines also offer customer service personnel that help owners understand important features and ways to maximize the use of the product. Even if there remains to be a user-manual for the franking machine, a team remains to be available to help out on issues related to troubleshooting and technical needs.