Save Money on Postage with a Franking Machine

Did you know that you should not be spending a lot on the letters and packages that you send? How is that possible, you ask, when there are postal hikes left and right? A franking machine is your answer. It is worth shopping around and compare franking machine quotations to get the best prices. This site compares leading prices for franking machines.

Post offices need to stay on top of their costs and so they are increasing the rates of their services. If you send at least 5 letters per day, a franking machine should be your new best friend. Here’s how you can benefit from it.

Fast and efficient

A franking machine works at blazing speeds. You need to finish 300 letters in one day? No problem! Give your franking machine a minute to process everything. Yes, it’s that fast! Large companies that send hundreds of letters per day are grateful for the speed and efficiency of a franking machine. You don’t have to worry about errors as all your letters are correctly weighed and franked. You will pay the exact postage every single time.

If you can get those bills, invoices, order forms or packages out the door before 5 pm every day, you are guaranteed to improve your cash flow.

Avoid extra fees

Now that you have a franking machine to weigh and calculate your postal expenses for you, you can say goodbye to those days of overpaying or underpaying postage. If you have experienced this scenario before, you’d know that aside from the over or underpayment charge, you need to pay extra administrative fees for your mistake. Now you pay the correct amount – no more, no less

Massive savings

Royal Mail is encouraging businesses to use a franking machine.  To make this campaign effective, they have slashed the prices on their franked mails. You can save 28-32% from each franked letter that you send. Both first and second class letters get discounts. Even if you only send 5 letters per day, you can still save money. Heck, you can even save money by just sending 1 letter!

There’s a catch though. Your franking machine must be Royal Mail approved in order for you to enjoy these savings. It’s very easy to find an approved supplier. Royal Mail has a list on their website. Another thing that you must remember is to frank your mails properly. There is a prescribed format on Royal Mail’s website that you can print and post in your mail processing area so you can have a guide. Don’t forget to update your machine with the latest rates from Royal Mail. Ask your supplier to do this for you.

See, with all these benefits, you don’t have to worry about your mails getting in the way of your budget.